How do I find a particular school's report?

There are two ways of searching for an ISI inspection report on a particular school.

Basic Search

School name - Use the auto-complete field to refine your search by ‘School Name’.
Location – Use the auto-complete field and select the appropriate postcode, town or area.
Radius – When searching by location you can also choose to include a 'distance from' to refine your search.

Advanced Search

In addition to the above fields you can also search by:

Gender - Select Co-ed, Boys or Girls from the drop down.
Phase – Select Junior, Senior or All Age from the drop down.
Boarding -  Select Boarding, Day, Flexi or Residential Special School.
Date From and To – Input which dates you wish to see reports from and to by selecting a date from the calendar.


You can now either view your search results as a list or on a map.

List view

  • More button - This will provide a snap shot of school including address, phase and Available reports
  • View School - This will provide additional information including: location on map contact details, Boarding information. It may also include a brief description and image if available.

The site will keep a record of all your reports viewed recently in a single session and can be accessed via the right-hand navigation under the input fields.

Map view

You can find all school information including address, phase, contact details, Boarding information and available reports by clicking on a map marker

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