How are pupils involved in an inspection?

Before the inspection pupils will be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire about their school.

Instructions on how to access these are provided by the school.

The questionnaires are anonymous, so inspectors cannot identify pupils from their answers. Individual comments are never shared with the school and remain strictly confidential.

If pupils would like to share anything with ISI outside of the questionnaire, you can send an email to concerns@isi.net

During the inspection pupils will likely come across an inspector at their school during an inspection, and they are more than welcome to talk to them at any point.

If a pupil wants to talk privately to the Reporting Inspector they can let us know by emailing concerns@isi.net or calling 020 7600 0100 or sending a text to 07936 900090. 

Pupils may be asked to take part in discussions and interviews about your school. Inspectors ask a range of questions about what it is like to be a pupil at the school and about their experience of learning in a variety of subjects. Pupils are chosen randomly by the inspectors from form and house lists. All the information given during these discussions remains confidential.

During the visit, inspectors observe lessons and extra-curricular activities.

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