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ISI is the leading UK and overseas independent school inspectorate. We have outstanding experience in inspecting and supporting British curriculum schools in over 50 countries around the world. Every year our experienced global team inspects a large number of international schools.

We played a leading role in developing the UK government’s voluntary inspection scheme for British Schools Overseas and we are approved by the UK Department for Education to inspect British international schools against the revised 2017 standards

Our comprehensive, tailored inspections understand your school and ethos, placing your pupils at the heart of what we do. Your school can choose from a range of inspections, and we also offer consultancy and training courses.

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You can download the BSO Framework here.


Impact of Covid-19 on inspections of British Schools Overseas (BSOs)

Accreditation under the voluntary BSO scheme is through inspection by an inspectorate approved by the UK government. It usually lasts for 3 years at which point the school must be inspected again for re-accreditation.  Where it is not feasible for inspections to go ahead, for example, because they have been closed by their home government on account of the outbreak of Covid-19, BSOs should inform the Department for Education (DfE).

In circumstances where DfE have been made aware that the school have had their inspection postponed due to Covid-19, the DfE has indicated that it will ensure that their BSO accreditation is extended until the inspection has been rescheduled and carried out.

Therefore we would advise all BSOs whose inspections have been impacted, and would like to apply for an extension to their accreditation to contact the DfE at

For more information and guidance see here (external link).