Impact of Your Report

How do ISI inspection reports affect your school?

Aims, content and focus of reports
Inspection reports are designed to help schools consolidate success and remedy areas of concern. 

They provide objective and reliable accounts of outcomes for students within a school. Recommendations are also made to help all schools identify and address any areas for improvement and build on good practice.

All reports include an introductory section on the characteristics of the school, such as its aims and ethos.

Regulatory Compliance inspection reports make a clear statement about the school’s compliance with regulations and, if applicable, the necessary action it must take to meet requirements.

ISI does not make a single overarching judgement on a school. Instead it makes a clear judgement on each aspect of its work using one of the following four grades:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Sound
  • Unsatisfactory


EYFS Judgements
Registered Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) settings are reported on separately and ISI is required to use the same terminology for grades as in Ofsted reports:

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires improvement
  • Inadequate

What happens to a school's report?
ISI publishes the latest reports on schools online. There may be more than one report for a school, depending on the format of the previous inspection.