Complaints about an Inspection

Complaints before or during an inspection
School heads are advised to ensure that staff who have complaints about any aspect of an inspection raise it with the head at the time, in order that it may be resolved as soon as possible with the Reporting Inspector. If this is not possible, or the head is concerned about the Reporting Inspector, s/he should immediately contact ISI on 020 7600 0100.

Complaints after an inspection
Complaints about the feedback at the end of an inspection should be raised with the Reporting Inspector at the time, so that they may be reflected if appropriate in the draft report. Any matters of factual accuracy can be raised when the school receives the proof draft of the report.

Other matters of complaint may also be raised at the proof stage – and if necessary through the ISI Complaints Procedure – but you should be aware that raising a complaint will not necessarily delay publication of the report.

If you have a concern about a school
See Concerns about a School for more information.