What does ISI do with concerns raised by a safeguarding professional? +

All concerns received by ISI will be passed to the Department for Education and noted on our files. A member of our safeguarding team may contact you to request additional information (if required).

These concerns will be considered by the Department for Education – the regulator for independent schools in England.

The Department for Education may use the information it receives to bring forward a future school inspection, or commission an additional inspection to look at relevant standards, or ask ISI to take the concern(s) into account when the school is next inspected.

Does ISI have any statutory powers to investigate concerns about a school? +

ISI is not a complaints adjudicator and cannot investigate any concerns or complaints about a school. Therefore, an inspection will not reference a complaint or concern, or find in favour of either a school or a complainant.

Concerns raised are used by inspectors to establish and/or contribute to inspection trails. An inspection team will triangulate all evidence gathered on inspection to establish a school’s compliance with the Independent School Standards at the time of inspection. Individual concerns are never referred to in inspection reports.

ISI cannot:

  • Investigate a specific incident

  • Mediate or resolve fee and other contractual disputes with a school

  • Become involved in admission disputes

  • Become involved in employment matters and disputes

  • Deal with issues concerning the welfare of staff

  • Investigate discrimination against adults

  • Investigate data protection concerns.

How does ISI handle and manage sensitive information and data? +

This is outlined in ISI's data protection policy.

Where can I read ISI’s concerns policy? +

Please click here to download ISI’s concerns policy.