Comparing Reports

Comparing ISI reports with Ofsted reports

Both ISI and Ofsted report on independent schools’ compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations. However, each inspectorate applies different frameworks and has different criteria for judging school quality beyond that of the regulations, which are suited to the different types of schools inspected. In particular, ISI reporting on pupils’ achievement is designed to reflect the high levels of performance in both curricular and extra-curricular activities typically found in schools in membership of the Independent Schools Council Associations, while also making clear how pupils’ test and examination results compare with national benchmarks. The grades used by ISI and Ofsted are different to reflect these differences in approach.

Both ISI and Ofsted inspection teams are led by professional inspectors. In addition, ISI teams include serving heads from other Association schools, which means that judgements throughout ISI reports reflect expectations in these schools as well as those found in schools nationally.