Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education


The government has published the new guidance for schools concerning relationships, sex and health education which will come into force in September 2020.

Kate Richards, the Chief Inspector said: ‘We will be studying the guidance carefully and working with colleagues in the DfE and other agencies to develop the approach of the inspectorate to this important subject. As always, we welcome and fully engage with initiatives to further enhance the processes which inform and protect children.’


The guidance can be accessed here.

Draft supporting regulations are available here.

The government’s full consultation response is available here.


The draft regulations include a new requirement for each independent school to make a written statement of its policy with regard to relationships (and sex) education, and health education, to consult with parents in preparation of the statement and to publish this on their website – also from 1st September.  More information about inspection expectations will be published to schools and inspectors in due course.