Support for Inspectors

Help from the ISI office is always at hand for inspectors. Team Inspectors should, where possible, consult their Reporting Inspector for help and support. Reporting Inspectors are always encouraged to be in touch if they need guidance during an inspection.

Phone: please call the office on 020 7600 0100 in the first instance.

Email: send questions that are general in nature and not time sensitive to

Any questions relating to a live inspection should be brought to the ISI office urgently by calling 020 7600 0100 or by email to

For the Inspectors’ area, please logon to the ISI portal.

Documentary support
The key documents to support the work of inspectors are available through inspectors’ individual login accounts on the ISI portal.

All inspectors and heads receive copies of ISI Updates to Inspectors and Schools, which include important messages about inspection and regulatory matters.

Reporting Inspectors, Assistant Reporting Inspectors and Co-ordinating Inspectors receive, in addition, regular Noticeboards with guidance and messages for those leading inspections or aspects of them.