Inspector Code of Conduct

Inspectors must follow the ISI Inspector Code of Conduct. This means that they must:

Pay close attention to and prioritise the legal requirements for safeguarding the welfare of children.

Carry out their work with professionalism, integrity and courtesy.

Evaluate the work of the school objectively and impartially.

Report fairly and without favour.

Base all evaluations on clear and secure evidence.

Communicate sensitively, clearly and objectively at all times.

Act in the best interests of the pupils at the school.

Respect the confidentiality of the information they receive and the judgements they make before, during and after the inspection.

Declare all actual and perceived conflicts of interest.

At all times keep to the requirements outlined in the Inspection Handbooks and associated guidance, including this Code of Conduct. 

Only use their title ("ISI inspector") in connection with work carried out for ISI.