British schools overseas

ISI is approved by the Department for Education to inspect British Schools Overseas (BSO). 

BSO is a voluntary inspection scheme for overseas schools, established by the British government. This ensures schools provide their pupils with the skills and qualifications they need to enter or re-enter the British education system.

The scheme helps to inform parents about how the standards in these schools measure up against the standards that apply to independent schools in England. To remain accredited, schools must have an inspection every three years, and the inspection must show that its performance meets all the standards.

Our BSO inspections report on:

• The extent to which the BSO standards are met.

• The quality of education being provided.

• The distinctiveness of each school.

• Whether there is evidence that local requirements are being met.

Schools can choose between two types of inspection:

• Compliance only (two days)

• Education quality with compliance (four days)

Both types give a school full BSO accreditation.

Benefits to schools

• Successful accreditation as a British School Overseas.

• School listed on the Department for Education website and awarded a GIAS number.

• Report from ISI – confirming all standards have been met.

• High quality assurance for current and future parents.

• Increased ability to attract high quality staff, including candidates wishing to complete their iQTS.

• Independent evaluation of your school’s strengths and identification of any areas for improvement.

• Experienced inspectors, who also inspect some of the leading schools in England.

• Professional rigour and a collaborative approach.

BSO Inspection Framework

To request more information or schedule an inspection please email: or call +44 (0) 207 600 0100.

Location of schools currently accredited by ISI: