Welcome to the Independent Schools Inspectorate’s Framework 22 web page

A new framework
ISI's purpose is to enable children to be safe, well-educated and to thrive.  To achieve this, we need to optimise our inspections.  Our current inspection framework runs over a six year cycle and is due to be renewed in 2022.  In order to ensure that our framework facilitates constructive, relevant and rigorous inspections, we need your views.

The Department for Education is the regulator for all independent schools in England and Wales.  They set the regulations which all independent schools must meet.  ISI evaluates whether schools meet these regulations and reports back to the DfE.  We cannot change the regulations that the DfE set.

To open the consultation, we have issued a survey on inspection themes.  These themes are: safeguarding; understanding the culture of a school; hearing the voice of the child; educational outcomes; personal development; regulatory inspections; educational quality inspections; governance, leadership and management; boarding; school self-evaluation; other.  

The first survey has now closed.  Thank you to all those who took part. 

Given the current situation, we have taken the view that continuing to progress work on the new inspection framework, planned for 2022, is not appropriate for the moment. Planned consultations will be paused until January 2021 at the earliest, at which time we will review the best options for moving forward in light of prevailing circumstances at the time. Whether that impacts on the current timetable for the introduction of the new framework is a matter we will keep under review with the DfE. We will keep you informed as the likely future timetable emerges.

The ISI team send you every good wish during these challenging times. You can send your thoughts on the new framework and the consultation to f22@isi.net at any time.

Timings of the consultation
The consultation opened in autumn 2019 and runs through to September 2022, when the new framework will be in place.  The consultation has been split into three parts: principles of inspection, proposals and pilots.  The planned timings are as follows:

Principles consultation                    Autumn 2019
Proposals consultation                   Summer 2020
Pilots consultation                          Spring/summer 2021
New framework in field                   Autumn 2022

Results from the surveys will be presented on this page once they have been processed, so you will be able to see how the consultation develops.  This webpage will be here for the duration of the consultation.  We also have a dedicated email address for feedback which you can use at any time: f22@isi.net.

Alongside surveys, we will be running focus groups and sessions at association conferences on various themes (the fees model; safeguarding; ed tech, amongst others).  If you would like to be involved in any of these please email f22@isi.net