How do I find a particular school's report?

There are two ways of searching for an ISI inspection report on a particular school. Basic Search School name - Use the auto-complete field to... Read more

Where can I find information about the inspection process and regulatory requirements?

Schools can find information about the inspection process and regulatory requirements in the Links and Publications sections of this website, and... Read more

Why do I see different types of report listed?

The way in which schools are inspected has been influenced over time by changes in government requirements and educational practice, and by... Read more

How often are independent schools inspected?

Independent schools that fall within ISI's remit are normally inspected at an interval of three to six years. Please see Different Types of... Read more

Where can schools find copies of legislation and statutory guidance?

You will find links to legislation and statutory guidance in the Links section of this website, on the relevant Government websites and in the... Read more