About ISI

What We Do

Our responsibilities include:

–        inspecting and monitoring the educational, boarding care and early years provision of association independent schools against standards set by the government and publishing reliable objective reports

–        evaluating the educational provision of association schools against the ISI inspection framework agreed with stakeholders

–        provision of educational oversight for Private Further Education (PFE) colleges who are or seek to become Tier 4 sponsors, through inspection against our published standards

–        inspecting British Schools Overseas (BSOs) against standards set by government of England, under a voluntary BSO accreditation scheme

–        partnership with statutory agencies towards our mutual goal of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. The safety of children and young people is at the heart of all our work.

–        promoting compliance in the independent education sector through publication of extensive guidance and regular advice and updates for our stakeholders to promote thorough, common understanding of requirements

–        sharing our expertise through our consultancy business

–        using our independent voice, to share lessons drawn from inspection experience with the UK government through our responses to formal consultations and routine contact.


Learn more about

–        our authority to inspect   

–        how our work is monitored and

–        our relationship with the Department for Education