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Code of Conduct

The Board, acting individually and collectively, must observe the following Code of Conduct.

In particular, they must strive at all times to act in accordance with ISI’s values.

All Board Directors must:

Observe the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and independence, so that confidence in ISI is sustained by both staff and stakeholders.

Uphold the values of ISI, including promoting an inclusive and diverse culture, where different perspectives and backgrounds are encouraged and valued.

Deal with people fairly, efficiently, effectively and sensitively, to the best of their ability, whether acting in an ambassadorial capacity or with ISI staff or inspectors.

Apply their skills, knowledge and experience to the work of ISI, ensuring that they work at all times in the best interests of the organisation.

Ensure that value for money remains a guiding principle in inspection services, and appropriate arrangements are in place to secure the effective stewardship of funding from schools, colleges and other bodies we provide services to.

Provide open and transparent reporting as far as practicable to stakeholders, including the Department for Education, Ofsted, schools and their associations and to parents, so that inspection is well understood and lessons can be learned to promote service improvement.

At all times act to promote the highest standards of corporate governance, including but not limited to compliance with the following policies: Conflict of Interest Policy; Expenses Policy; Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy; Group Data Protection Policies; IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Respect the principle of collective decision-making and corporate responsibility.

Observe confidentiality as appropriate, and do not seek to make personal gain from knowledge obtained in the course of carrying out duties as a Director of ISI.

Inform the Chair of any change in circumstances which could result in being disqualified from being a company director, or in any other way bringing the company into disrepute.