About us


ISI is accountable to the Department for Education, who are the regulator for independent schools in England.

We have an independent Board of Directors, which holds the senior management team to account for the delivery and quality of inspections.

Our Board is wholly independent from the Independent Schools Council, their associations and the schools that ISI inspects.

The Board is chaired by Christine Swabey and currently comprises nine directors who were appointed because of their experience and skills:

The Board adheres to the Nolan Principles of Public Life and ISI’s own Code of Conduct. ISI's articles of association can be downloaded here.

The detailed scrutiny of certain areas of the Board’s responsibilities is delegated to two Committees. These are the Finance and Risk Committee and the Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

The Board is also supported by:

The Education Advisory Forum (EAF)

The EAF includes experienced and qualified representatives from across the education and inspection sectors, including associations.

The EAF has no delegated authority from the Board, although provides valuable expertise and challenge to help ensure inspection excellence.

The Cross Association Inspection Meeting (CAIM)

CAIM supports the Chief Inspector-Chief Executive in the continuous development of our inspections and provides valuable insight into emerging developments in schools.

The forum includes one attendee from each association.

CAIM has no delegated authority from the Board.

Our Policies:

ISI Safeguarding Policy
ISI Board Code of Conduct
Safeguarding concerns raised during inspection
ISI Concerns Policy
ISI Complaints Policy
ISI Whistleblowing Policy
ISI Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
ISI Conflict Of Interest Policy

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