ISI Consultation Results

June 11 2015

Consultation indicates strong support for separating the inspection of compliance from the inspection of quality of the broader provision and outcomes for pupils. Read more

ISI Consultation on the Future of Inspections

March 26 2015

The latest phase in ISI's consultation on the future of inspections is launched today. Read more

Consultation on a new Inspection Framework

December 15 2014

ISI's last Update to schools and inspectors launched the formal consultation process on ISI's proposals for a new Inspection Framework. Read more

Future of Inspections (3)

August 20 2014

We are pleased to be able to report that after extensive discussions with DfE, the Department has confirmed that the changes proposed to ISI inspections from September 2014 have been withdrawn and ISI will retain its distinctive framework and approach to inspections. Read more

Future of Inspections (2)

July 22 2014

Further to our previous messages about the future of school inspections, we can confirm that ISI has been in extensive discussions with the Department for Education (DfE) about the future of inspections for independent schools. Discussions have been robust, centring on the best way to deliver the shared aim of thorough and transparent inspection, especially of all aspects of compliance - at a time of greatly heightened awareness of safeguarding in schools by the general public. Read more
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