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International Inspection and Consultancy Support

International Inspection

We have exceptional experience in inspecting and supporting British curriculum schools in a wide range of countries throughout the world. ISI played a leading role in the development of the UK Government’s voluntary inspection scheme for British Schools Overseas and is approved by the UK Department for Education to inspect British international schools.

Each year we inspect a large number of international schools. These inspections may be independently organised or they follow the Department for Education Standards for British Schools Overseas.

The inspections perform a number of important functions:

  • Report to the UK Government’s Department for Education the extent to which schools comply with the published Standards for British International Schools;
  • Help schools to improve the quality and effectiveness of pupils’ education and of the care for their welfare;
  • Provide objective and reliable inspection reports which help schools to recognise and build on their strengths and to identify and remedy any weaknesses;
  • Inform parents, governments and the wider public of the quality of British International Schools by placing reports in the public domain.


Our unique methodology of peer review combines professional Reporting Inspectors leading teams with serving Headteachers and senior staff drawn from across the independent sector. Our inspectors are current practitioners who understand the issues and challenges facing schools every day and they produce balanced and objective reports that recognise the particular context and ethos of individual schools.

An ISI inspection is a holistic assessment that not only looks at the quality of teaching and learning but also at the wider development of the children, whilst also considering welfare, school leadership and the suitability of the school’s premises and accommodation. The aim is to produce a constructive and useful report that enables a school to plan and take forward its future development.

To enquire about applying for an ISI international inspection please contact stating the name of your school, the size of your school and your target inspection date. 

ISI Consultancy

ISI Consultancy also provides an extensive range of consultancy support services for schools and education establishments overseas and has worked in more than 50 countries globally. Projects have ranged from reforming national level education and teaching standards to providing inspection services and school improvement consultancy support to individual schools in the independent and maintained sector. Services include:

  • Inspection theory and practice
  • Teaching and learning
  • Governance and leadership 
  • Data and insight
  • Regulation
  • Teaching standards development