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How are pupils involved in inspection?

ISI tells schools that they are going to be inspected five weekdays before the inspection, excluding school holidays. When schools are notified of an inspection, pupils, including boarders for short boarding welfare inspections, can complete a confidential online questionnaire before the inspection begins. In this way, you can make any information you think is important known to the inspectors without them being able to tell who you are. Your school will provide login details so that you can complete the questionnaire. Your parents also have the option to complete a confidential parents' questionnaire.

Your school will be told the main findings of the questionnaires but inspectors do not share any additional comments you may have included. Inspectors will use the responses to help in planning the inspection, identifying anything about your school to look at particularly carefully during the visit.

During the inspection, inspectors meet pupils informally around the school, in extra-curricular activities and sometimes lessons, and in interviews or discussions. Pupils can talk to an inspector if they wish at break times or during lunch.

The main themes from pupils' and parents' responses to the questionnaires and what inspectors found when investigating these are included in a report on the school which is written following the inspection. Your school will receive the report usually four term time weeks after the inspection and your parents will receive a copy from the school up to two term time weeks after that. ISI then publishes the report on this website in Find a report.


What if I have a concern about my school?

Usually pupils with concerns about something at school will ask a member of staff for advice. If for any reason you do not feel you can do that, or you are worried about a child protection issue, you can contact ISI for advice on what to do, on 020 7710 9900 or You can also contact ChildLine and the NSPCC, and while ISI cannot become involved in an individual complaint about a school, our Help and Resources pages provide further information.


How can I find out more about inspections?

You can find information about inspections in our factsheet for parents and in our guide to reports.